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The Bob’s Burgers Movie now on HBO Max and Hulu

The Bob’s Burgers Movie now on HBO Max and Hulu

The Bob’s Burger Movie is an animated film the entire family can enjoy. At Tonic DNA we animated many of the musical sequences, and it was great fun.

Below is part of an article about the film from Collider:

Fire up the grill and get your best burger puns ready, The Bob’s Burgers Movie is headed for Hulu and HBO Max in the U.S. on July 12. We’re sensing a lot of themed parties as the burger flipping funny family’s big screen adventure takes over your home movie theater. Since heating up cinemas everywhere since the end of May, the Belcher’s first feature length story has been raking in praise from the critics, including Collider’s very own film aficionado, Ross Bonaime, whose review you can check out here.

Just like in the episodes of the quirky and hilarious TV show, The Bob’s Burgers Movie centers around the terrible luck of the Belcher family and the lengths they go to in order to smooth things over and get back to business. This time, a ruptured water main has caused a gargantuan sinkhole to block customers from attaining their Burger of the Day. Panicked that this will surely sink their uptick in summer customers, Bob (H. Jon Benjamin) and Linda (John Roberts) try out all the ideas they can think of to get customers in the doors and butts in the booths.

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