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Les Dindons, or Turkeys for Educ’Alcool

The Educ'Alcool campaign in Quebec has been a lot of fun as we were mandated to produce old school animation.  Both are getting loads of air time in Canada. This spot is Turkeys, or Les Dindons, below both the English and French versions. Les Dindons...

Jamieson Essentials

Directed another spot for Jamieson with Tonic DNA.

Educ’alcool returns with Gorilla & Porcupine

Directed a second campaign for Educ' alcool at Studio Pascal Blais with producer Bernard Lajoie and animators Sam Cabanac and Guilluame Blackburn. These guys make my job easy. Educ' alcool Gorilla Educ' alcool Porcupine...