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The Looney Tunes feature is almost released! I had the priviledge of supervising much of the character animation on this wonderful film for the past year and a half, which is one of the highlights of my career. The team at WB lead by Pete Browngardt and Alex Kirwan are some of the best people I’ve worked for.

From the article on Variety:

Directed by Pete Browngardt and the creative team behind the “Looney Tunes Cartoons,” “The Day the Earth Blew Up: A Looney Tunes Movie” stars Porky Pig and Daffy Duck as unlikely heroes and Earth’s only hope when facing the threat of alien invasion. In this buddy comedy, the heroes race to save the world, delivering all the laugh-out-loud gags and vibrant visuals that made the Looney Tunes so iconic, but on an epic scale not seen in the franchise before.

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