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Loren Bouchard’s new animated series Central Park has recently released on Apple. For the last year I had the privilege of supervising the animation for the musical numbers on all 13 episodes which were produced at Tonic DNA. Working with Bento was a fun experience. I was a bit reluctant to get involved with the show at the beginning because the style of animation is not my cup of tea. However, once I started seeing the story and characters unfold, I began to enjoy it. The music is enjoyable, and the show is full of funny situations and gags.

Central Park is a writers show. This became evident while visiting Bento Box’s studios in LA. The writers rooms are central to the production, and my producer, Howard Huxham, and I had the privilege of sitting in on a script reading for Bob’s Burgers.

The one criticism I have with the final product, which was unavoidable, unfortunately, is that we had to animate to the temp music scratch tracks as the final voices were not recorded until late in production. This effectively destroyed most of the animated lip sync. I cringe to watch it.